Friday, August 19, 2011


It's like a black cloud hanging it, or isn't it??? Today I notified my co-workers and friends of my situation. I kept thinking back to my conversation with Dr. Martin yesterday, that it is TREATABLE, if the biopsy reveals that it is cancer. Based upon his estimate of 80% that the tumor is malignant, I began trying to prepare myself. I am very sore from the procedure, but determined to go to work and make the situation as normal as possible for my children.

Today was a big day. It's Adelia's debut with the JCHS Greyhound Marching Band. I am extremely tired, bruised, and swollen, but attempting to remain "normal" for the children, even though they know Mom had a procedure yesterday. Mom, Dad and Brock came for a previously scheduled weekend visit. Fortunately, they will also be here for "the phone call".

At the game, I share my present situation with several of the band parents I have had the opportunity to spend time with over the summer. One immediately asked if she could pray for me, and while standing amongst the crowd, in a world or purple and yellow, she laid her hands on me and prayed.

After the game, even as tired as I was, I walked back to the band room to get Adelia. As we waited for the band to return, I once again had the opportunity to speak with several of my new band mom friends. They were very reassuring, and offered words of comfort. As I apologized for possibly having to shed my new role as an active band mom for marching season, they quickly comforted me and encouraged me to take care of me this season, and they would help take care of Adelia. Just waiting....will I be able to attend weekend band competitions, or will I be waiting to recover from a mastectomy, as I hear the football crowd and band on Friday nights?

As a parent, I find myself thinking about how my wonderful parents are feeling. As I wait for the phone call, so are they...waiting to find out an answer that no parent should ever have to seek.

Jeff, Griffen, Brock and Arleigh

Adelia (middle) in her band debut.

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