Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Night Support

Tonight, friends and neighbors will proudly put on their purple and gold and relish the fact that they can spend several hours sitting on hard, metal benches.  The weather will be moderately uncomfortable and bugs will flock to the football lights in swarms.  Fans (possibly obnoxious, depending on the score - or lack of), cheerleaders, football players, coaches, students, and band members will gather together as part of a hallowed, Friday night tradition.  Friday night, you know what that's "Marching Band Season" across America! (and here you thought I was going to talk about football!  LOL)

The Jones County High Greyhounds have an away game at Luella High School in Locust Grove.  Parents will be making the sixty-mile drive North, just to be there.  Showing support for their children and friends that participate in the Friday night ritual.  Do they need to clean house?  Do laundry?  Prepare for the week ahead?  Catch up on sleep?  Yes, to all, but they're not.  They are going to show their support ...

When I think about how much my life has changed in the past seven days, I am truly speechless.  My reference is not to the fact that I was diagnosed with cancer, will have a double mastectomy or chemotherapy, but to the responses I have received from you.  The outpouring of encouragement, prayers and love that has been expressed to me is beyond comprehension. 

This week has been an highly emotional, as you can only imagine.  I've always been an empathetic person (you know how I cry at commercials, greeting cards, movies & books...Hallmark & Folgers commercials get me the worst!), but the posts, emails, messages, cards and phone calls I've received this week are unforgettable.  Not a day goes by that I don't cry.  My tears are not for my diagnosis or fears, but from the overwhelming words of support I have received.  I have received encouragement from students (past & present), co-workers, classmates, retired educators, my favorite "Sunday School Ladies", family, friends of friends, breast cancer survivors, and even strangers. 

On this Friday night, I feel your love and prayers.  I know that you are cheering for me, regardless of what team uniform I'm wearing, or what day of the week it is!


*Yesterday, an IBEW Electrician was killed on the job in Americus.  Please be in prayer for the family of Sean Scott for their sudden loss. 

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tracy said...

I forgot it was marching band season! thanks for reminding me;D. i was in a panic today because the wifi chip for my laptop was misplaced, (David accidentally threw it away!) I wanted to check fb. and your blog. It has become my morning "thing" sip coffee read facebook posts and check on Shelby. I am glad to read that you are able to let even the smallest amount of normalcy sneak back into your routine. (I am sure that people would certainly have understood if you had decided to go into your bedroom and hide.) Shelby, i am proud of you. you are dealing with the hard things, looking those challenges in the eye and not backing down! you are the WOMAN!!!!