Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This Can't Be Good...

Several months ago, during a self-breast exam, I felt something unusual in my right breast. It was near the end of the school year, so I kept telling myself it was probably just a hormonal change, and said I'd get to it later. I am in my late-thirties, and there is no history of breast cancer in my family.

Due to the love of my husband (or so I like to think), he shared this with my sister, who then shared it with my Mom. When my Mom first started in with the "Do you want another woman raising your children?" kind of reprimands, I wasn't very receptive. Jeff was on "The List"! How dare he tattle to my mother on me.

I had my first mammogram the day before pre-planning for the 2011-2012 school year began. Adelia went with me, and waited in the lobby for what was to be a brief visit. I told the technician that I felt something. After taking films, she asked me to wait in a small room, as the radiologist may like to perform an ultrasound. Within a few moments, I found myself in an ultrasound room. After the tech finished the ultrasound, I was told that the Radiologist would come in and see me.

"This can't be good." What should have been a regular mammo visit, has turned into an extended visit, and my fourteen year old daughter is sitting in the waiting room. The radiologist came in and explained that I had a tumor. Based upon my age and lack of history of breast cancer in the family, it is most likely something called a "Fibroadenoma". He will share the results with my doctor, and they will refer me to a surgeon. Different surgeons have different procedures. Some would just look and leave it alone, some would biopsy, and some would remove.

As Adelia and I were leaving the facility, my physician called. This really freaked me out!!! Not a nurse, but the doctor herself, asking which surgeon I preferred. Here I am not even to my vehicle, and my doc already knows. This can't be good!!!

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