Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today was the consult with the surgeon, or so I thought...

Jeff and I went to our appointment with Dr. Martin. As if we weren't apprehensive enough, several procedures had thrown the schedule off, so waiting for our appointment time seemed to take forever. Dr. Martin performed another ultrasound, and then a core needle biopsy. During the ultrasound, I could immediately tell that he was concerned, and he verbalized his worries. From one angle, the tumor appeared to be a benign fibroadenoma, but another angle showed a very suspicious tumor with malignant characteristics.

I refused to look at the needles during the biopsy, but it was not an enjoyable activity. Jeff was instructed to sit down, so they wouldn't have to pick him up off of the floor! That part still makes me laugh. A hollow needle is placed into the breast, and then core samples are retrieved through the needle. I explained it to Griffen like a really big straw or tunnel, that is used to transport tissue samples through. The portion was deadened prior to biopsy. The first two samples were uncomfortable, but not painful. The same couldn't be said for the third one. It was extremely painful, and even the doctor realized it. After the tissue samples were collected, they were placed in a specimen container, and apparently sank rather quickly. Just like the Titanic, that is a bad thing.

Our previous experiences with Dr. Martin when he removed Adelia's appendix, is that he is a "tell it like it is" Southern gentleman. His reputation and experience is that he can pretty much call it, prior to the official results. You can only imagine how we felt as Dr. Martin soberly told us how worried he was about this tumor, based upon my age, and the characteristics and density of the core samples. Not taking away complete hope, but his professional opinion is that my tumor is 80% malignant. There's still a slight change that it is a fibroadenoma, but not likely.

Because of the kind and caring nature of Dr. Martin, he immediately began making plans to rush the biopsy to pathology. After speaking with the Pathology Department, the results will be rushed, and he will be notified early Saturday morning with the results, which he will then pass onto me as soon as possible.

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