Monday, September 5, 2011

Shopping With the Girls...

Today was a girl day...I spent the day shopping with Adelia, Arleigh and Mom.  We started off visiting some of our favorite local shops, and then traveled into Macon, hitting up the Labor Day sales at the mall.  They love to shop.  I have always hated it, but go along for the laughs and "woman bonding".  I've always hated to shop...fortunately for my Mom, Adelia and Arleigh inherited her love of department stores and boutiques, so she's in luck.  All Nana has to do is mention a "mall", and they come running!

As we were in one of the stores today, we walked through the lingerie / bra department.  It really made me think...even though it's superficial, I will not be purchasing any new "regular" bras in the near future.  My new bras will come with a pocket for a breast prosthesis.  My physician will give me a prescription, and insurance will pay for them.  No more picking up a C cup from just any store...

That led to a conversation with my Mom, about my bra history.  (So, think this is a little too personal?)  She reminded me about how self-conscious I became as a young girl, and always insisted on wearing undershirts.  (Now, I guess we would call them "camisoles"!)  From there, I progressed onto training bras.  It was probably either a AAA or AA!  When I think about my first soft cup bra, (which I'm sure I didn't need, but convinced my Mom that I did, because "all the girls are wearing them"), all I can remember is how it itched!!!  There wasn't enough baby powder in the world to stop that white training bra from itching.  (Maybe it was lined with fiberglass?)

Through the years, my bra style has fluctuated.  I've had lined, un-lined,  underwires, no-wires, t-shirt, push-up, maternity, and nursing bras, but I can't say that I've ever had a mastectomy bra.  Thursday morning, I will leave the hospital in my very first mastectomy product...a post-surgery camisole.

From the outside, it will look very similar to a tank top or half-slip.

The inside however, is very different.  There is a pocket for the prosthesis I can wear home, as well as pockets for the post-surgical drains.

My days of bra shopping at Victoria's Secret may be over for a while, but with the continued prayers and support of family and friends, I'll be walking out with a little pink bag again in the future! 



SouthernCharmD said...

ahhh... A little pink bag from my favorite store!
Shelby, I have been following your blog and like one of your blog entries last week stated, I just haven't known what to say. I've hoped that my prayers to God for you have helped.
Chin up this week, darlin!

Anonymous said...

I know you will be shopping at Victoria's Secret soon.....who knows, you may even begin to love shopping as much as the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you much....


tracy said...

shelby, i know that the post surgery probably isn't frilly and pink but its not forever, and when u have your reconstruction done you will 1/4 the way through a "mommy makeover" (boob job and tummy tuck!) In this hard time, i am just trying to help you see the sprinkles!
love you Shelby:)